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Why I have to travel for ages just to realized that I am the One despite the fact that I am from one, rather I am the one? Many life has many faces. Every time I have been given a new … Continue reading

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Soul – The Fourth Dimension

Slowly it’s getting clear to me that time is not the fourth dimension as it appear in literature. Time seem to me a hypothetical creation of human mind or say its an illusion, or if someone believe it to happen, … Continue reading

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Just another way

The truth that was is no more true. The truth that will, is neither true. THIS is only true, and beyond all are just illusions.

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For myself that you know already

1. I do not want to regret later that if life would have been even an inch longer then I would have climbed up of my ego. 2. Races are NOT Borne. They are BUILT. O Zero! Be a medium … Continue reading

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Girl-friend – Absurd but abstract

Girl-friends are living entity of whom you can hold the hand in public and bang her in private, no matter where and when.

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These faces appear in many facets of life. Sometimes in the name of hope, in the name of expectations, in the name of possibilities, in the name of linkage….they ruin, break, again adhere and then break, repeat until they completely … Continue reading

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नमस्कार, मेरे मानस पटल पर एक प्रसंग की छाप इस कदर गहरी है कि भुलाये नहीं भूलती. एक या दो वर्ष पूर्व की बात है, मैं गृहनगर गया हुआ था छुट्टियाँ मनाने. इसी दौरान मेरी ही हम-उम्र का मेरा एक … Continue reading

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