For myself that you know already

1. I do not want to regret later that if life would have been even an inch longer then I would have climbed up of my ego.

2. Races are NOT Borne. They are BUILT.

O Zero! Be a medium for a wise Race.

3. The countless has a beginning too.

4. Never Give a Negative Feedback to Anyone!

5. In the beginning, we agreed to not disagree.

Later, we disagreed to agree.

At the end, we agreed to stay disagree.

6. Be a good receiver of the knowledge.

7.  Not necessarily in knowledge only, Grow in wisdom as well.

8. Words are very important. Make it Meaningful.

9. Don’t copy weaknesses.

10. Unspoken words are more important, Use them Consciously.


About zeroishero

A Learning Scholar
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