These faces appear in many facets of life. Sometimes in the name of hope, in the name of expectations, in the name of possibilities, in the name of linkage….they ruin, break, again adhere and then break, repeat until they completely sabotage the trust. God knows why such creations exist.

In the dark they become violent, in the light they roam like saints. On seeing someone innocent, they feel jealous. Finding a child they start cheating. Often they don’t appear, preferred to be masked and attack on finding opportunities.

No mercy lies in their ruthless hearts. They can go on any extent to dismantle the enemies they consider. There lies no friends in them. They are…God knows what to say them.

Sometime they appear as troops, negotiator, protector, pretend as if they are the rules. Like to hold powers, run factories of alliances, give pieces of bread to lure for profit oriented partnership. They supply arms and ammunition in the name of protection. God knows what they are protecting, their power, economy or something else.

Yes they appear in many faces. Sometimes as a religious leader they promote riots, demolish city by city, change the fate of many generations, alter the face of the society. And then they will call this ‘God’s Will’. In name of sacrifices they raping, yes they are raping not only the human race but the life itself. And yet, they will not feel ashamed on smiling on their wealth.

The purely animalistic actions and reactions are not accidental but is a fruit of evil’s plans. They have no emotions for the carrying mothers neither on new born or little children. Oh God!! how? how come they are like..No words..no words..

Even hundred of prostitutes are better than a single slut. At least they have honesty with their customers. But these super-sluttish have destroyed the face and fate of the society, bargained the life to fulfill their unaccountable ambitions for power, wealth, land, water, air and the name is endless.

They are called faces – the ugly, the sluttish and the animalistic.


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