REturNing of TearS

Free Bird

A known relative has a problem in Pituitary Gland due to which doctors said that she will have a problem of permanent memory loss. She is one of my dearest one without which I have no identity. I started discussing with the doctor how to classify the effect of the disease. After listening my two suggestions, the calm and cool doctor said ‘yes!’ immediately on my third suggestion. This was ‘classifying the pattern according to the symptoms exerted by each fragment of the body’. The third suggestion took place somewhere in the forest. The doctor was standing but laying his body weight over a rock on his back beside a narrow walking pathway in the open forest. The upside was also covered with the scattered rocks and there were scattered trees of different height, mainly tall. The doctor started giving details of the top part of the body (from head to neck). I was listening carefully. I do not remember now what exactly he said about the symptoms. But for me everything was seemingly amazing and fantastic. Meanwhile he greeted to one of his senior doctor who was on the way to jog. The senior doctor asked for a dog to him which he wanted to have for his house. In return, the junior doctor referred to me that I have a dog. I told the senior doctor that the dog, actually doggy is very dangerous. Sometime she is dangerous even for us, does not bare from biting. After hearing the doctor shown no interest in taking her.

Suddenly, I came in to another place where I met two people who have temporary memory loss problem. The two, one male and the other female, were strangers for me as they were for themselves. They were average in looks and must be in late 30s or early 40s. I don’t remember exactly how they came to know each other. Probably, two duo were returning from the same clinic where they saw each other and now met at a cross over. They did not mention their memory loss problem in the beginning. Only after some formal introduction, discussion and initial comfort they surprisingly came to know about the memory loss they retain. It was probably they saw each other in the clinic where they went to meet the doctor but thought that neither of them are the patient. The two has to go in different directions – East and West. The woman wanted to go Eastward which was somewhere near a mansion. I could remember even now its vast entrance and stairs. And the man wanted to go westward which was going somewhere marked with big streets and big buildings like mansions. The motor vehicles were passing on the background. But the area was really wide open covered with big and wide streets with no crowds. The duo started discussing how they can help each other. The woman said she is going to meet his ex-boyfriend with whom she want to cherish the moments she had once…Probably she wanted some one she was close and with whom can share her pain. The man who introduced with his name to the woman which I do not remember said he has adopted this name as a veil. He was in formal wears with shirt and tight pants as one could see in 60-70s movies. He said his real name is different. He adopted this false identity so that he can not be identified in public as a patient of memory loss. He wanted a dignified life. The person whose name he has adopted for public use exist no more. Probably there was one more interesting thing he said about him which I do not remember any more. My mind is repeatedly forcing me to write here that he has 3 children also, but I am not sure about this, though I am writing to avoid my own doubts.

Both of them decided that after certain time period they will look for each other at the same place whether they return correctly. If one lose his/her memory and the other still retained or returned in his/her memory, then he/she will go in to the respective direction in search the other. They looked in each other eyes. The memory is still afresh in my mind about their gazing eyes. I could remember the developing sympathy and affection towards each other. They started departing with each other in lost memory. I was thinking what if both lose the memory and get mislead from their usual path while standing still.

Slowly my awareness was returning and I was realizing that everything was a dream and decided to tip-tip it up otherwise I will forget it sooner or later. To me it looks that a person always look for their own society or comfort zone, their territorial mirrors and when they find it, then feel glad and satisfied in their search, perhaps. I am unsure whether the search is over or it goes on continuously and unconditionally. I could realize now the very my pain but want to avoid. GOD give me strengths. Oh yes, forget not to mention here that yesterday while worshiping after taking bath during one O’clock in the night I met one of my Master. I had his blessings. Thanks and many regards to you Master for your kindness!

Have a very Good Day to Everyone.


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