Game within Games


“hallo …, are you busy?” On my reply over my mobile phone “I am at home, Not really! Why? What happened?” My colleague asked me in plea “I want to play table tennis today, please company me”. Although, I didn’t liked the idea but decided to join in order to make him happy and told him to come down in 15 minutes. And in this way, Today, I went to play table tennis in the open court near service point.

Already, there three guys including two girls and one boy occupied single only table. The girls were in short jeans with top covering up to the breast only and boy was wearing typical jeans-T-shirt. The girls were healthy (Ya! a bit fleshy and overweight). With their talk, I could only guess that they were either Russian or somewhere from Eastern Europe.

After our few double play together with two girls, we realized that they were so-so in the game (compared to me). One of the less fetish girl but with better body shape proposed her will to play singles and the rule that the winning person will continue the consecutive game with the next player. I started first with my colleague, beat him, then the other fat girl too, then came she to play. In the warm-up shots, I realized that she can play good in fast shots which I tried to continue in the game. After her few initial point loss, she realized that she is gonna out too. Here she entered in another game. She started adjusting her top, more frequently. I got a bit distracted for a while but sooner realized her need. I continued the game trying to cooperate in her typical fast game which I enjoyed without forcing my own game. Coincidentally, I gradually started backing in points. But bothered not to play hard shots to gain more points. I focused on to let her play while trying to cooperate her in those shots. I tried not to win, and let her to play the game she was doing with adjusting her top with more than usual. In my words, I knew that she wanted to win at any cost. And the costly thing she chosen on that occasion was her top. I thought the win will give her happiness, a pride to her top and will put her on for the day. I gradually lost the game. Apparently, I could see her inner smile and satisfaction. I guess that I won over my will and she carried her.


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