thE underCover goDs – I

thE underCover goDs – I


No doubt, parents are the persistent, living and well established form of GOD. Besides, there exist, time-to-time, a very different but highly distinct class of GOD. I classify them as ‘Undercover GOD’. I am fortunate to have one in my life.

Don’t remember the date, but the day was a second half of1990. I was preparing for medical entrance. My family’s economic condition was very weak. I could not dream to buy good books. But I always wished to read good ones, which mostly were of foreign origin. I didn’t took admission in Bachelor’s for entrance test preparation. Its a different story that I never succeeded even after two years of deep study of only interested materials from the whole syllabus. I was under stress to find an alternative place which can cater my need of books without incurring any cost. My elder brother was studying Bachelor’s in one of the prestigious university which was hardly a km. away north of our house. I asked my brother to have his university identity card as a entry pass to study in the university library, which he hesitatingly approved. I was happy than ever. Although, I knew it was a cheating, but it was the best option to fulfill the dire need of the moment. Someone has said that poverty is the leading cause of all the crime. And it was very true in my case.

The main problem was his photo on the I-card, which security persons use to check for the candidature’s identity. For some months, I was successful in duping the security persons by simply writing the name with signature of my brother in library’s entry register and on the book issuing desk which I use to borough for study inside the library.


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