love without lust

Always Smile

Encountered an old couple, no a charming old couple in their 60s, during local train journey in Spain. They were sitting diagonal front of the right row to me. In a first glance my heart said they love and care each other immensely. The man was having more age affected physical problems in talking and movement. The lady, can’t confirm whether she was his wife, an old girl friend, life partner or someone else, was, indeed, loving, beautiful, charming and caring. She was strong and the heart of her man and vice-verse. Probably, due to the physical problems, the man could not speak as the lady was (they are Godly talented!). We were in a short journey together, approximately, of 10-15 minutes, but the impression is still afresh. The stoppage nearly arrived, the man started walking towards the exit of the train. His lady love has a short conversation with him, probably about his care and safety. There was always a lovely smile of her glowing but emotional and childish face while half spoken and half unspoken conversation. Her eyes were strong messenger for the man. She was holding his hand while talking, while the man was really cool. This was not superficial, but a reflection of the true and deep love towards each other. While he was about to leave, she faced up the her dark colored sunglasses, muted her right eye towards the man with her smile on her face – the moment perfect for any normal man to remain always smiling and feel the everlasting joy. I said myself, hey zero, you are the witness and recipient of  God and His grace.

With Love!


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