Japan – opportunities in disaster


No doubt! The disaster in its various forms has severally hit the shores of Japan in the past and still aggressive, in particular, the nuclear one. The history reveal that the Japanese are not only warriors but survivors too, despite many such natural and manmade calamities.

However, as an individual, at present with my limited capacity, I can only contribute my condolence in full and donate few hundred Euros, in part. But this is for sure that I can’t feel the nerves of the people residing there just while reading and watching through the eyes of the media. The media gurus have done marvelous job in the past and I firmly believe that they will continue to do so unhesitatingly in the future too, seeing the big need of the society [and their own?].

In an emotional journey to feel some relief through the optional ‘tax free’ money donation , I found a list of agencies with an appeal to donate the money for the cause concerned with the alarming worries displayed not only on their websites but elsewhere too.

After a careful reading I found that most of them are in the appealing phase only. I can understand the emergency call of these organizations as they need to pile up the money first in order to support their high-level mitigation plans later. In addition, global network of spam mails also stand on high alert to remind us their strength and united support in such an occasion with their blueprint ideas.

I wish the Japanese were the last to face the Tsumani-driven disaster and some of the intelligent groups of analyst were left alone with their ‘Supermoon’ relating theories. No matter how much money in billions of dollars is lost by Japan stocks, but the disaster has brought many employment benefits in various segment, notingly for the climatologists. I feel pity my dear ‘J-friends’ not on you but on opportunistic.

Last but not least, its worthy to note that I am unable to draw any intelligent conclusion(s) [seems too early] but will fight for it leaving alone the readers to perform on their own.

Many Greetings,


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