The plan for life is under construction and hence, for opposite too. There is a constant puzzle about how to live and die with dignity, without being burden on any person or organization.
This is not a coward thinking but there is a positive thinking behind it. It’s about death which is also as definite as life is and both deserve equal marks.
And this came slowly when I was found with HS and HA coupled with TLE-CS. The coming weeks will decide whether it is due to my own Im. The NPs are also puzzled that how come to a yangi.
Anyway, today I searched the regions where yuth is legalised and will try to move there. However, this is a current plan but don’t know about the future. The mind is always changing and hence the course of actions. After some years, as expected when I will gradually lose myself, don’t want to depend on anybody in any form. So far been lived with full dignity and hence, deserve a dignified farewell too. Thanks God that you shown me some light.
Life is beautiful, enjoyed it fully. No expectations, no worries.


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