The first snow

This year on 23 November the city famous for beer and forest has witnessed the first snow. I saw it through the double-layered glass window during the workshop. What a nice feeling. However, it has been always painful to watch the plants, the ground…covered with snow. I always use to think we have warm clothes, what others have! Sometimes, I use to remove the snow from the plants. But I often found myself helpless for all. The increasing severity and calamities has always been painstaking and neglected by the man sitting next door. A lots has been said and will be said. But is it deepening in the cold blooded the so-called well developed society? I have decided that I will try my level-best to avoid the use of auto-vehicles in my life. This is a challenge for myself, my ambitions, my needs and subject to prevailing conditions. May be I myself break the promise, but I will try, that for sure is a promise. Let’s see what happens if someone ask me after several years about my promise. No, this is not for others but for myself only. You have to chose your own path…
But for now Santa is calling!!

Have a nice day!


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