life is beautiful – I

Y: hi
X: hi, how are you?
Y: fine and you?
X: good
Y: how is ur child?
X: she is fine. i hardly get time to play with her morning when i come she might just wake up
Y: hmm..
X: night when i go we play then i am so tired i sleep. she would still play beside me then she would sleep
Y: this is a play with child..
X: what?
Y: rather with childhood..
X: what can I do?
Y: u have every answer..
Y: do u work to compensate loan?
X: some helps.
Y: its ur and ur family decision of the moment..
but how u will explain all these things to your child when they will grown-up without motherhood..
by gifting house or cars or all materilistc things that u r gathering for them
X: that would be too bad for me
i know that
to hear that
and for her to too
Y: childhood is the most precious moment of any body life, stop exploiting it..
X: bye


Career, family or relations…where is life?


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